About Us

J & J Take Away & Butcher Shop At J & J Take Away & Butcher Shop, we offer a wide selection of premium meat items including: beef, pork, chicken, veal, lamb, as well as exotic items. We also offer fresh homemade sausage! We offer personalized service and custom cuts to your specifications. At J&J Butcher Shop we focus on quality, consistency, and service because YOUR SERVICE IS OUR PLEASURE!

We're Glad You Asked!

​ OUR GRINDS...We offer ground sirloin, ground chuck, and our signature meatloaf mix (a perfect blend of beef, pork, and veal that is delicious as a meatball, a burger, and of course meatloaf!) All of our grinds are ground everyday from fresh Grade A or higher beef unlike big box stores where the grind can be any part of the animal. OUR SAUSAGES…We make all of our sausage fresh with no added preservatives or fillers from fresh Boston Butts and Pork loins. HAND CUT STEAKS…We cut our steaks to your specifications from U.S. wet aged beef. We do not use distribution centers to package and ship to us. OUR PACKAGES….We offer great deals on packages both for locals and vacationers. Stop in and get enough dinner for a week or fill up your freezer.