Current Specials

July Special $85.00

4- 1” NY Strips
2 Boneless Stuffed Porkchops with Sausage stuffing
2 pounds ground chuck or sirloin
1 package (4 links) Kielbasa
2 Boneless Chicken Breasts
32 oz House made pasta sauce
12 Precooked Seasoned Meatballs
6 Meat or Cheese Ravioli
8 oz Buffalo Chicken dip
1- 2 serving Baked Ziti or Chicken Alfredo

Vacation Package $89.99:

Cookout Night:
4 - 1" NY Strips (cut fresh for you)
Another Cook Out:
4 - Hand patted burger patties
8 Hot Dogs
Spaghetti Night:
1 Quart of our house made pasta sauce
24 seasoned meatballs
Loaf of Italian Bread

Added Goodies:
16oz container of our Buffalo Chicken Dip
2lbs thick cut Bacon
Pound Cake (whatever our bakery has fresh)

Did you know we have daily specials and heat and eat meals? Call us for all the details or stop by.